This poor kid is the real hero of my story. Kind of a dolt, and a little accident prone, he is an all around good guy. He has always had no trouble sleeping at night, his dreams are the only place he seems to be happy with his life. The rest of the time he feels lonely like no one understands what he is talking about. Until one day a girl he met on his way to class suddenly shows up in his dream and changes his life forever.

This is one of Krash's best friends, and one of the few people who really seem to understand him. He and Line also represent two sides of krash's personality inside of his dreams. A nice guy all around he is has a tendency for random violence that can't be explained.

Another one of Krash's really good friends line has always seen himself as the constant reality check of this little group of friends. Reminding Krash and Sinker that you don't need to be serious all of the time. He has never seen any problem with taking things from places he feels don't matter in the long run anyway. And although he may tell you he hates you several dozen times a day he will do what ever he can for you if you ask him to.

Not a lot is known about her real life. She takes a liking to Krash after a long walk. She is part of a project that is attempting to dive into peoples dreams. When Krash dream is chosen as her first dive things go terribly wrong and everything that suddenly happens to krash she feels is her fault. Only time will tell if her and Krash will ever really find out how the other feels.