Contact Us....Do it!

Hey Kids!!
Guess what time it is??? Thats right it is feed back time! Come on, write us on what you think about our site. Tell us what you like about the site, what you would change, or even how much I suck! Bring it I dare ya! If the letter is really good, really funny, or really pisses us off we will put it up on the main page in place of one of our rants!!

Whats that?
You wanna send in your own art to show us up. Well if you think you really can beat the crap out of me then send it to us and we will give it an honest review. If it is really good then we will put it up in our gallery section. If it is really, really good then it will have a place on the MAIN PAGE!!! That is our greatest honor, besides a tee-shirt. So bring it on and send it up, the only rule is is that it needs to be in a .gif or a .jpg format and 650 pixils in wide. Come to think of it, just send us your art, PLEASE!

Hey kids, I am the creator of this site and the all around art guy. I am the person who designd this site and also the kid who writes and draws Jak of the Shadows, the comic, that you canme to see. All in all I think Sinker and I did a good job on the programing of the site even though we have had the worst time finding a place to host it. Enough of my bitching. e-mail your thoughts and feelings to me. DO IT!

Hey, I guess my job description around here is co-writer/webmaster and that fairly well describes what I do. While Krash does all the designing and creative work, I get to do all the technical stuff; Writing the HTML, editing, and helping Krash out when he needs me. So if there's something wrong with the site E-mail me so I can fix it, and if there's somthing wrong with the spelling E-mail Krash and get him to use the @#$% spell check!