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Back again, and again, and again.....

I know what you are all thinking:
Why don't you just give up and quit! You don't update that much anymore. Your comic sucks in the first place. You don't care about your readers.

Well I do care and that is why I am sticking to it. Drawing this comic made me realize how much I really do enjoy drawing comics! So shut up all of you who doubt my talent and commitment I am gonna keep Blindworks alive!

Anyway back to the show!
Sinker told you guys about my two Internet projects that I put together for school. Ya they rock! Well at least I think they do...Anyway I also have a series of photos even more animations and a 5 min. edited movie in my body of work for the semester. It doesn't seem like all that much but it really is.

My GallerySite

My WebArt Project

Check them out, I am proud of them.

Okay lets see what else is there to talk about....The last Lord of the Rings movie came out recently and I was ready with Internet purchased ticket in hand (wow I am a nerd). I saw the great and amazing film with a really old friend of mine Sarah. All I have to say is DAMN! That was a good movie! I have heard and read all sorts of comments like the movie was to long, the ending sucked, they slaughtered the story, Peter Jackson sucks, the acting sucked, the effects sucked, and the list goes on. I guess what I really want to say to all of of you is DID YOU EVEN WATCH THE GOD DAMN MOVIE! How could you ever make such bad criticism of such an epic film. Okay, okay I know I go to art school where any time you get a critique it is well thought out comments on what you did right and what you could have done better. It is because of this that I tend to dismiss anyone who says something sucks and then can't tell me why it sucks. Also, I know I am studding to possibly become a film maker so I tend to see things that the normal everyday movie goer might miss. With that said you have to understand that this movie was amazing not just because of it's story but also because of the style and technique of EVERYONE involved in making all three films. Peter Jackson has attempted to do justice to one of the greatest works of fiction EVER and I think he did a pretty damn good job of it. That is the thing though! HE WAS MAKING A MOVIE VERSION OF THE STORY NOT RECREATING THE BOOKS PAGE BY PAGE! The best way to get all the information out of the book series of Lord of the Rings is to read the books. The best way to get all you can form the MOVIE series is to watch the movies. After watching the Return of the King it was very apparent that these movies exists outside of the books and they always will.

I was still blubbering like a little girl all during the end. When everyone bows to the the four Hobbits I was cheering along with nearly everyone else in the theater. However these movie are sooo much better and make sooo much more sense in the Directors Cut Versions (or extended versions). And I can't wait to get my hands on the "completed" Return of the King.

Another movie I really want everyone to see is The Last Samurai. I know Tom Cruse is in it and alot of you don't like him, I don't really care for him myself, but this movie is just fantastic. Again I was on the verge of tears at the end of this amazing film. Oh and by the way it has REAL NINJAS in it! SWEET NINJA ACTION!

Well if you want to pick a fight with me feel free to do so by E-mailing me or sending me an IM at Killiong

Later Kids!




Answers to the question I hear constantly

Hey all, I've been doing webwork elsewhere so I haven't had the time to look at this one (although at a glance it does look like it needs a good deal of work). Anyway if you guys want to know why Krash hasn't posted there is a good reason. Go look at this and tell me (or him) what you think. You could also take a look at his gallery page at

that's it, Later

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