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Here's one that we've all come to love. If you like webcomics and you've never heard of megatokyo I would have to conclude that you must be intensionally avoiding it for some unexplaned reason.... Anyway it was our first and ever a favorite. Go see it.

Although I have only recently been introduced to this guy I would have to count him among my favorites. His art is excellent and I really enjoy the stories (it'd be nice if he didn't have the tendancy to switch stories like another artist I know, hint hint).

-By the way sinker is a JERK!
Love, Krash

Hee Hee! Mac Hall is anexcellent webcomic that Krash and I check almost ritually. It's about life in a college dorm (That's not to say NORMAL life). Anyway if The link isn't working the easyest way to find them is to search for Digi-porn, Hee Hee!

A odd comic about the artist (Greg) and his Real (or not so real) life. Although the art isn't the greatest (I think he uses clarisworks) the writing is always hilarious.

Take a camera, Put it in Krash's car. Goats is much like this. Scary huh?

Sooo, this is a great site to just brouse. Need less to sat this artist beats the shisnat out of me.

Ya, ya , ya. I really enjoy reading this Faith's comic. By thye way she is beter than me, too.

This site hosts a great epic romance comic that, although I am a guy, is fun to read.

I just recently found this comic and it's sister site redeyes. I really haven't read that much of these comics but the art is cool.

AIDO!!!!!!! She is my friend from RISD and a pretty good artist. Her comic, Fallen, is one of the few that I check all the time. Her likns page has also provided me with much exploration of the internet art world.

I like this site just because it is chock full of comic goodness! The new comic she is producing for the site has magic, mecha, and yes a flying pig. Also this is home to one of the best comic groups around, Kick Ass Web Comics! Please, oh Please let me into your click! I want to be popular too!

One of the most entertaing comic I have ever read in my life. Each page pulled me in farther and farther into the story! Great art and a cute girl, oh ya, this is a winner.

This is a webcomic done by one of our friends. Midgear is a good writer and a good artist too (though you'd never know it), and it is also the other site that I webmaster (nothin so spazzy as this place, Krash does the design here).

Har har haaaar.This comic is funny and it has cats! and since i don't have any furry links listed I thought it was about time I got to it. Please go to them and tell them I sent you, it would be a big help!!

Not a verry big link but you shou;d go here anyway and check it all out. It is all funny!!

Here is another fine Keenspacer who deserves a little credit! Go give him hits!!! He and I have been E-mailing eachother for a while andwith the guest strip and all I thought he was wanting something.

Nerds and Such

I must link! Please go visit them and lend your support to the cause! Help them get a better score on DrnukDuck so they become famous and such!

They send me guest strip, you send them love.